Why do we do this work?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are evolving rapidly around the globe.  Design of how we teach, learn and be innovative and entrepreneurial must keep up.  Our universities deserve it.  Our entrepreneurs and innovators deserve it.  You deserve it.

Enter innovate68


We are on a Mission...

To unleash the innovative and entrepreneurship potential of people around the world through cutting edge educational program and system design. 

Drawing from the rich experience of the Global Team Network, we specifically focus on supporting the success of universities and connected entrepreneurship and innovation community ecosystems members.  Scroll down to see more on Pursuing the Mission--implementing our THIRD WAVE approach.

Taking Entrepreneurship and Innovation to the Next Level by Design for



your teams...

your venture or UNIVERSITY...

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Pursuing the Mission.

We do this through designing and implementing in our THIRD WAVE approach to innovation and entrepreneurship program design and implementation. 

So what is the third wave?

The first wave was that you had to be born innovative or entrepreneurial.  Not True. 

The second wave was build great innovations, and they will come.  Not true. 

The Third Wave-we know way more than we used to. True.

The third wave takes into account:

  • Opportunity to participate matters.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation can come from anywhere and anyone.  We need to open the doors for people to participate in a meaningful way.
  • Designing for humans matters.  Design of programs, innovations and entrepreneurial ventures in the commercial through social sectors must be human centered. 
  • The entrepreneur/innovator matters.  We need to design so the key people driving the change stay energized and able to carry through with the challenging work.
  • The entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem matters.  We know a lot about building an ecosystem around entrepreneurs and innovators to aid in their success.
  • Impact matters.  If the results ultimately are not positively impacting society, they may not be worth doing.

Why design your programs with outdated thinking?  

innovate68--On the Cutting Edge

our roots run deep

We are a venture bringing together a world wide team of diversely experienced educators, entrepreneurs, innovators and designers.  So while the venture is relatively new, the experience and wisdom run deep.

Founders, Dr. Art Sherwood and Gwen Fluhr, LMT

Founders, Dr. Art Sherwood and Gwen Fluhr, LMT

  • Art Sherwood and Gwen Fluhr have been engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation for 20+ years.