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Program Design:  We provide clients with cutting edge program design, working with them to build what they need for their situations.  This can range from university departments and programs to personal development programs for entrepreneurial leaders.

Field Learning:  Leveraging our global network, we arrange field learning where visit other areas of the world to enhance their understanding, knowledge and skills.  This can range from touring universities to engaging with entrepreneurs from around the globe.  Think of these as "learning while traveling."

Training:  We build organizational capacity with you through entrepreneurship and innovation for students as well as train-the-trainer programs. This can range from training university administration, staff and faculty to team  and individual development.

Facilitation:  Support from a skilled facilitator helps you work through challenging problems or to just take the load off the leader from needing to run an retreat or planning session.  We especially enjoy strategy and design.  We offer a broad range of facilitation approaches ranging from designing university courses to building strategy with entrepreneurs to team building retreats.

Coaching:  Entrepreneurial and Innovative leaders often need an experienced coach to help them take their performance to the next level.  We offer one on one coaching, both virtually and in person.

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We connect you to a world of expertise.

We work virtually and in person.  

A Learning and Education Company

innovate68 empowers you, your team and your venture or university to unleash

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