Our Network is Global


Above and below you see our talented core Global Team of educators, designers, organizational experts, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Our network expands even further!  Dr. Sherwood alone is strongly connected as a to hundreds of university and private industry professionals in wide ranging fields from technology to business to social enterprise.  His network emanates from his roles as faculty member of WWU's College of Business and Economics, Director (and founder) of the IDEA Institute and IDEA Lab at the Technology Development Center and an affiliated faculty member with the Institute for Energy Studies.  In addition, he has strong networks with national and global organizations and people as an owner of CDS Consulting Cooperative, co-chair of the MWE special interest group in USASBE, a changeleader for his university with AshokaU and their member campuses, as well as Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership-DSIL Global.  Multiply this by all those on the Global Team Network and you can imagine the global network opportunities to connect and to tap into world-wide expertise for you and your venture/university!


Dr. Art Sherwood, USA

I believe in empowering people to make change happen through entrepreneurship and innovation. Whether it be developing and commercializing new technologies, creating innovative organizational systems to enhance performance or creating a new venture in the commercial or social sector to address societal needs, I believe education and learning are cornerstones to making it happen.  I have over 25 years of experience in educational and learning leadership and innovation.  I am an experienced entrepreneur, executive coach, facilitator and university professor and director.  The innovate68 global team network is your answer to learning entrepreneurship and innovation by design.


Arun Kumar Gaddam, India

As a management consultant, I contribute in generating “transformative impact in helping “people and organizations” find their opportunities - “to learn, grow with responsibility, contribute, and be recognized”.

My service offerings include - Business Strategy, Organization change, and design.

I apply Innovative approaches + Design thinking + Mangement thinking - for Building Strong and confident business models - together developing - People, Businesses, and Communities.


Christopher Blessing, India


An Entrepreneur for over 18 years, founder and owner of a Pan-India company with around 5000 workforce deployed across 22 cities serving wide range of industries.

Extremely passionate about creating work environments  which build teams, promote fun, learning, innovation and supporting people achieve their highest potential. Teacher,  adventurer and designer at heart.


Dara Phan, Cambodia

Ms Dara has extensive experience as a public relations officer and has worked in addition to Parable Cambodia with the international organization, Hosea Ministries. She is currently in her fouth year studying a Bachelor of Fashion Designer, and these skills coupled with her experiences enable her to lead groups to develop creative thinking, innovation and design. She is a professional public speaker and motivator and teaches the importance of rapport as well as the art of using your voice, tone and body language.


Gwen Fluhr, LMT, USA

Being entrepreneurial and innovative is critical to our world, yet is challenging and demanding work.  I believe we need to pay attention to the wellbeing of those making change happen through entrepreneurship and innovation.  

I advise the innovate68 design, coaching. training and facilitation teams on designing with wellbeing in mind for themselves and those we serve.  I am currently a masters student in the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland Oregon studying herbal medicine, have been a professional licensed massage therapist for 6 years and am an experienced entrepreneur myself having started and owned multiple businesses.

I bring 20+ years of deep interest and experience in natural healing and health to our innovate68 global network team and our clients.

Hanna Laughing.jpg

Hanna Ruddies, Portugal

Hanna’s background is in International Business, Design Thinking and Cross-Cultural Communication. Passionate about social innovation, Hanna leads the expansion strategy for the global Impact Hub Network with a focus on team building, social entrepreneurship and diversity. While Hanna sees the world being her home, she currently lives is Lisbon, Portugal.


Katy Grennier, Thailand

Katy Grennier is a senior partner at Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership- DSIL Global- a company who exists to increase the innovative capacity of people using experiential learning every step of the way. 

She is well practiced in the progressive style of facilitation that turns the old way of doing conferences, workshops, planning sessions and retreats on their head. In her practice everyone is involved, contributing, engaged and learning along the way. As a Berkeley Coaching Institute trained coach her active coaching style sets the foundation for her approach both in personal coaching and in larger group work. 

Katy has also created over 100+ customized interactive sessions and always teaches in “train-the trainer” in adult learning.


Kimhoun Han, Cambodia



Kimhoun is the founder of Parable Cambodia and Soft Skills Training Director of Koonsoor Kampuchea Training Academy, and has been the driving force behind the diverse groups and individuals who have attended workshops. His experience and expertise demonstrates the abilities and patience he has to work with a spectrum of different cultures, organizations, corporates, social status from disadvantaged to government and affluent individuals.


Lili Camacho, Global

Lili Camacho is a global changemaker and bold disrupter with vision of possibility and a philosophy of abundance. Lili envisions a world where people’s basic needs are met so they are free to maximize their impact. As a Coach and Connector, Lili cultivates meaningful relationships and helps people activate their authentic gifts. As an Economist and Environmentalist, Lili works towards improving communities on a local and global level. As an Entrepreneur and Educator, Lili builds businesses with bold missions for a better future.


Kelsey 'Lotus' Wong,


Kelsey ‘Lotus’ Wong is an Experience Designer, Community Orchestrator, and Culture Consultant. With a passionate curiosity for human transformation, Kelsey is devoted to helping people come into wholeness, activate their creative potential, and serve in the highest good. In practice, Kelsey works with social innovation company DSIL Global and culture consultancy Delivering Happiness to expand individual and organizational capacity. When she’s not deep diving into meaningful work, Kelsey is creating, exploring, and floating in the sea.


Monica Villalobos Loópez,

Costa Rica

I am a professional educator, specialist in educational technologies who has been working for the past ten years in designing and implementing learning experiences that enhance creative and critical thinking as well as understanding. During this years I have been involved in educational projects with vulnerable communities and with students from Preschool to Higher Education. At the moment I’m interest in promoting the use of maker spaces as learning environments that further improve reflection, creativity and innovation.


Musa Nxumalo, South Africa

I am a Cross-Pollinator of Ideas, who is a  Design Thinking Coach at Knowledge Connections (Pty) Ltd, a South African based Training and Development company. My unique set of skills, as a former mechanical Engineer and a born African Storyteller, enables me to equip my students with critical empathy oriented entrepreneurial skills and competencies required for this fast evolving terrain where businesses are called to be crusaders of social justice while creating value for all stake holders concerned.

Noemi grin.JPG

Noemi Simon, Thailand

Noemi helps organizations create an environment where employees are engaged, motivated and able to fulfill their potential, and as a consequence, achieve organizational goals. She is passionate about building entrepreneurial culture within organizations. She applies design thinking to ensure that solutions are innovative, simple and easily integrated into the context. 


Toan Dang, Thailand

Toan is focused on creating a world where education and work help people to live more meaningful lives. He brings together a diverse background in internet marketing, entrepreneurship, learning and development, and design thinking to create effective cross-functional training that is relevant for the 21st century. Toan currently spends his time working with organizations such as UNESCO Asia-Pacific in the areas of education innovation and EdTech Asia in growing the education technology ecosystem.


Zach Habayeb, Global

Zach is a globally minded millennial that believes that entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovative problem solving will create solutions to some of the worlds most complex issues.  He particularly enjoys working on various revenue models with entrepreneurs building and growing their ventures.